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Friday, September 28, 2012

Next Hike

The next hike will be on Saturday, 29th September.
We meet at the Ballpark in Gillies Bay at 10:00am

Last week we had a dull cloudy day for the hike and decided to check out an old logging road near Hydro East.  As we approached the highest point on the Hydro East road we found ourselves driving through dense fog with no view of the coastal mountains at all.  We only came out of the fog as we reached our parking place at the roadside gravel pits.  Hiking on the side road that leads up to the Vancouver Island Hydro line we eventually came to the start of the old logging road that shows on the map as climbing steadily higher until it joins the Anderson Bay Road at Bobs Lake.  It proved to be fairly slow going as there are branches and trees blocking progress that need to be cut or avoided.  The road bed is in good shape and maybe one day we will spend some more time clearing the way so we can reach the nice viewpoint that we visit sometimes by hiking down from Bobs Lake. 
My photo this week is of a curious caterpillar I photographed a few days ago in my garden.  I'm still working on the identification, but I believe it's a moth called White-blotched Heterocampa, Heterocampa umbrata.  Getting it right is difficult because these caterpillars can change their colour patterns as they grow and the variety of patterns and colours within each species is very great.  Whatever it proves to be it's certainly a curious creature.

    A moth caterpillar, perhaps the White-blotched Heterocampa. [Heterocampa umbrata] 

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