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Friday, November 11, 2016

Next Hike.

The next hike will be on Saturday, 12th November.
We meet at the Ballpark in Gillies Bay at 10:00am

For the hike last week we had another day with showers at times, but it was very mild for this time of year and there was no wind so really not too bad for hiking.  We thought it best to try to avoid the many hunters who roam the island at the peak of the hunting season and set off to the far end of the public road to Cook Bay where we parked just outside the gate.  From here our hike route soon took us around the locked gate on the old road down to the beach with the waterfront cottage.  We knew the gate cannot be bypassed even by ATV's and sure enough we never saw or heard a hunter on the entire hike.  We ate lunch in light rain sitting on the logs beside the sea with nothing louder than a couple of loons calling from a short distance offshore.

On my way to the Ballpark a week earlier I had a chance to get very close to a visiting pair of Snowgeese feeding on the grass near the RCMP building in Gillies Bay.  There has been many large flocks of geese passing overhead this fall and I suspect the majority of them have been snowgeese — they sound different to the Canada Geese you know. It's odd with so many thousands passing overhead, but we very seldom have them landing and hanging around for a few hours or a couple of days.  The pair in my photo looked OK, not injured or sick, and afer a couple of days they were gone again.
A pair of Snowgeese feeding on the grass near the RCMP office in Gillies Bay at the end of October this year.

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