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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Next Hike — update.

In my last hike notice I wondered what the conditions would be like this Saturday and made this statement:—

" It has been raining quite a bit today and it should be somewhat milder as we get into the weekend. "

Well the rain did not last very long and the evening temperature is down around zero degrees again, so no milder than before. As I walked home late this evening it was difficult to walk on the areas of deep snow and the roads had patches of black ice that formed where snow had melted in the sun.  It was OK last week when the snow was half as deep as it is now, but I've decided not to try to hike this time with conditions the way they are.

The geese in my photo are swimming around after a heavy snowfall had collected on a layer of cold fresh water from the creek that was sitting on top of the salty sea water.  

Canada Geese pushing themselves through small ice flows in Gillies Bay, 5th February, 2017.

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