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Friday, March 30, 2018

The next hike will start from the Slow Farm junction on the High Rd.

The next hike and beach barbecue at Raven Bay will be on Saturday, 31st March.
We meet and will start from the High Road at the Slow Farm junction. 

If you are unable to hike right now, you used to hike or are spouses/partners/visitors of hikers, you are welcome to come to Raven Bay!  Raven Bay Road is only suitable for 4 wheel drive vehicles, but if you come by car you can park on the High Road at the turnoff to Raven Bay which is at Slow Farm.  This is only about ten minutes drive from Van Anda.  The walk down to the beach takes ten to fifteen minutes.  There will be a fire and the opportunity to roast oysters, clams and hot dogs and please bring whatever food or drinks you wish to eat or share with others.  There are logs to sit on, but no picnic tables so bring chairs if you want to sit close to the fire.  Also BYOB if you wish.  The tide should be low enough to gather shellfish, but don't forget to have your current Saltwater Licenses.  For more details please get in touch with David Taylor or Russ Sparks.  

After the BBQ those those who drove down to the bay will transport the other drivers and those who need a ride back to their vehicles parked on the High Road.

Last week we drove along the High Road and parked just north of the Pocahontas Bay turnoff.  The hike was along old logging roads and an ATV track with a short section through a very recent clearcut.  As usual there were interesting mosses and lichens to see and the less usual remains of a small old grow-op. 
Hikers on a mossy bluff not far from the Oasis.

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