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Friday, December 28, 2018

Next Hike

The next hike will be on Saturday, 29th December.
We meet in the Ballpark in Gillies Bay at 10:00am.

Last Saturday the weather turned out much better than expected and I was especially glad about that as I had to do a bird count on the northern part of Texada Island that day.  I understand the Trekkers hiked not far from Gillies Bay visiting Cox Lagoon and Sandbanks along the way. 
My photo this week is one I took on a hike in the fall this year when we had quite a large group of hikers, near perfect weather and we did the circular hike that passes the so-called Matterhorn Peak and the summit of Mt. Grant.  From one of several viewpoints on this trail you can look through a gap in the trees eastward across Malaspina Strait and the south-western shoreline of Nelson Island with the rugged peaks of the Coast Mountains in the background.  

A glimpse from Mt. Grant of Nelson Island and the Coast Mountains on a very clear day in late October this year.

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