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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Next Hike

The next hike will be on Saturday, 12th January.
We meet at the Ball Park in Gillies Bay at10:00am.

Last week we started out on the hike expecting to have at least some rain, and it was indeed a rather dull and cloudy day, but the air was mild for this time of year and the rain must have been somewhere else.  We drove to the parking place near the top of Pocahontas Bay Rd. and walked to the old fire lookout peak then on to the peak to the north-east that has a large microwave radio reflector panel on steel supports.  This is where we ate lunch and I took this week's photo.  This is a grey or yellowish plant that bears the common name Reindeer Moss.  It grows all over the cooler parts of North America and Europe and is a food for both reindeer and their close relatives the caribou.  Not actually a moss it is in fact a lichen with the scientific name Cladonia rangiferina.

 Reindeer Moss - Cladonia rangiferina , a lichen - Pocahontas NE peak viewpoint.jpg

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