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Friday, January 8, 2010

Next Hike from Van Anda.

The next hike will be from Van Anda on Saturday, 9th January.

We meet at the Legion parking at 10:00am.

Last week we hiked on a rainy and foggy Saturday from a point part way down the hill to Hydro East. We hiked down towards the sea for a while and then north along roads through recent clear cuts until we reached a small waterfall that is hard to see properly because of the trees and brush.

My photo this week is a change from the usual as this one shows not what we saw on the previous hike, but instead, what I hope we will see on the next one. On the west side of Texada just north of Favada Point a few sea lions have been hanging around for a few days and James has invited us to hike there and perhaps get a good view of the visitors out on the rocks. So the photo this time is of some of the California Sea Lions that were there this week.

California Sea Lions near Maple Bay. Photo by James Mack.

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